Property Viewings

AgentRelay seamlessly integrates with Matterport 3D Tours to power agent-guided virtual property viewings.

Offer both private & open virtual viewings, explore multiple properties in a single showing & boost lead-generation via automated viewing registrations.

Safer, greener & more convenient viewings, with built-in video conferencing and chat messaging.

Effortless Agent-Accompanied Virtual Viewings

Make initial property viewings super convenient for both buyers & vendors.
Help agents become more productive by qualifying serious buyers earlier.
What’s Included in our virtual viewing plans & add-ons

Book a demo with our Customer Success team to see how AgentRelay can transform your initial property viewings.

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Why include AgentRelay in your customer journey?

Delight Buyers

Buyers increasingly prefer to shortlist properties online using virtual viewings before attending in person. Answer buyer questions & showcase other properties within the same viewing.

Increase Agent Productivity

Agents waste time travelling to and undertaking unsuccessful physical viewings. Qualify buyers early by offering virtual showings as the initial viewing.

Capture New Leads

Automatically build your sales pipeline by registering leads who wish to explore your properties virtually. Contact existing leads and offer them convenient virtual viewings.

Delight Vendors

Physical viewings are as inefficient and inconvenient for vendors as they are for buyers and agents. Offering virtual viewings will encourage vendors to work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AgentRelay create the Matterport 3D Tours for us?

No, AgentRelay is a tool that allows realtors and property agents to co-attend virtual viewings with their customers, based on virtual tours created using the Matterport 3D technology. We do not create the virtual tours ourselves but can normally recommend a Matterport partner in your area.

Is adding a new property to AgentRelay complicated?

No, it is super simple. Once your in-house Matterport camera person or supplier has scanned the property, a unique URL will be generated to view that property as a 3D Virtual Tour. Simply add this URL to the property you have created in AgentRelay. When a virtual viewing is requested, you can easily send email invitations from the platform.

Don't customers prefer to view properties in person?

Most customers value any tool that can make their lives more convenient. Typically they are extremely busy and increasingly use digital tools to manage their everyday lives. Virtual property viewings give those customers the convenience they demand and a tool to easily shortlist the properties they want to view in person.

Will vendors be disappointed by reduced physical visits?

On the contrary. No-one likes the disruption & inconvenience continual viewings create, but vendors saw this as a necessary evil in the past. With the advent of virtual viewings, vendors want to limit physical visits to those that have already been qualified.

What are the main benefits of AgentRelay to my agency?

There are a number of benefits to introducing virtual property viewings. These include improved efficiency through fewer unproductive physical viewings, happier vendors given the reduction in the disruption to their home life and a much improved customer journey for buyers.

Can I schedule a demo or take a trial of AgentRelay?

Absolutely. Our Customer Success team can provide an online demo of AgentRelay when it’s most convenient for you. We also offer a 14 day no-commitment trial of the AgentRelay platform, with a pre-installed demo property for you to undertake test virtual viewings on! You can also contact our team through our website live chat and email during the trial with any questions.

Can the AgentRelay license be adjusted after sign-up?

Yes. We understand your requirements change from time to time. Customers can adjust the plan they are on to reflect changes to the number of agent-guided viewings they wish to offer or the additional features they need. Simply contact our Customer Success team with any questions on this.

Do you only integrate with Matterport virtual technology?

Yes. In our view the Matterport 3D virtual tour technology is the market leader in this space, given its realistic and immersive walk-through experience, Matterport’s strength as a long term, well capitalised business and its exciting development path.