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Virtual Viewings makes interaction real and virtual at the same time. By introducing a live video chat platform, we want to establish a closer relationship and smoother communication among participants. In this way, all the parties can interact and share their thoughts without any physical interaction. Virtual Viewings Live Video Chat Platform is secure and user friendly. Clients will definitely enjoy the benefits of a live video chat in a 3D tour.

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Remove the obstacle of geography Whether your customer is in the next county, at the other end of the country or the other side of the world, the ability for them to ‘walk around’ a property virtually is a clear win. Negating the need for diary synchronisation and extensive travel arrangements and reducing wasted time are all answers to any property agent’s prayers.

  • COVID Secure – Allow your commercial clients to safely view properties remotely and in a more engaging way
  • Capture a digital twin of your listing and unlock the international market by sharing your virtual tour using a simple link
  • Live video chat within your tour allows you to execute your sales & leasing process while walking through the space with your prospect
  • Utilize the measuring tool to provide future tenants with the logistics and measurements they need to move forward with a transaction
  • Stand Out Among Competitors – Agents who employ modern technologies that can save time for prospects, create conveniences in the buying process, and offer a greater level of information about a property will stand out and win more listings.

Real Estate Virtual Staging

  • Drive more qualified leads and shorten days-on-market for your listings with our virtual staging services at a fraction of the time and cost of physical staging.
  • Close deals faster than ever before with Virtually Staged Matterport 3D show case. Thistransforms an empty, uninviting space and unlocks your listings true potential through a fully immersive and shoppable walkthrough experience.
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Global Access

  • Offer the highest quality experience to potential clients by giving them access to your listings at any time, from anywhere in the world
  • 3D Virtual Tours help pre-qualify potential clients by showcasing your space as it truly is
  • Give potential clients the confidence to lease or buy “sight unseen” by providing an immersive and transparent experience of your space

If you’re considering setting up a 3D Matterport tour for your business, but aren’t sure if it will work for you, here are some statistics that could help:

Multi-user virtual tours with live video chat

Our system seamlessly integrates with Matterport 3D Tours to power agent-guided virtual property viewings.

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3D Matterport Tours are Guaranteed to Increase Sales

We’re a visual species and we buy with our eyes. If we like the look of something it drives a purchase. Photo galleries help with this and videos are nice to have, but neither of them are interactive.

Virtual tours give people exactly what they want – the ability to try before they buy in the most realistic way possible. When you add virtual reality (VR) into the mix you have one of the most potent sales tools available.

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