Project: Dyer Engineering

  • Performed on-site measurements remotely
  • Replaced thousands of disorganized photos
  • Showcased construction services to investors
  • Clear assets for handover to future owners

Valuable Assets for Project Handover

Deliver assets for the building owner and facilities manager as part of your turnover package. They’ll continue to use them for long-term management and maintenance.


Pre & Post-loss Documentation

Claims adjusters, insurance agents, and commercial property owners can avoid discrepancies and insurance complications before, during and after construction if damage occurs to adjacent properties. 360Pros utilizes state-of-the-art imaging to provide a complete, as-is visual representation documenting precisely what a space looks like in high-detailed 3D and 360-degree imagery.

Manage Facilities Remotely

Manage and maintain your facilities with photorealistic 3D & 360° reality-capture documentation showing every corner of a facility clearly. Communicate with staff, contractors, and partners alike from anywhere, anytime.

Keep Remote Stakeholders Informed

Give remote stakeholders near real-time construction conditions online within 24 hours of the survey. Turnaround times from capture to desktop can be as short as several hours.

If you’re considering setting up a 3D Matterport tour for your business, but aren’t sure if it will work for you, here are some statistics that could help: